Working Process

Plymouth Pear in progress

My old website had a page in the “galleries” section where I would show case some of my work in progress. Rather than having this under “portfolios” in this website, my intention it to have irregular looks at my work in progress in order to give glimpses of my working process.

So that my previous posts about my work in process are not lost and will remain searchable on this website, I’m posting them here as rather ‘old news’.

Here’s the first one I posted a while ago –

‘Plymouth Pear’ is a piece printed from two collograph plates, mono printed leaves and hand tinted chine collè tissue.

The Plymouth Pear is Britain’s only native pear (think of a pear equivalent to a crab apple). It is an endangered species with only a few specimens growing in Devon.

Plymouth Pear early proofs
The 1st proofs

Here are the 1st proofs from the two collagraph plates

Background plate being printed with it’s mono printed leaves.

Real pear leaves were mono printed onto the inked up background collagraph plate then printed using an etching press –

Plymouth pear stage 2
2nd plate being printed with it’s tissue paper ‘pears’.

Then tissue paper ‘pears’  were added to the 2nd inked up collagraph plate and printed over the background image.


Plymouth Pear detail
Finished Plymouth Pear. Lynn Bailey
Finished Plymouth Pear

I then went on to create a Spring version of the Plymouth Pear, see this news post for more details.