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1st Catch-up with (very) Old News!

1980 – First post school printmaking. During the Conservation of Prints & Drawings course I had to learn about, make and print the full range of print processes available to the ‘Old Masters’. Woodcut, Wood engraving, Etching (hard ground, soft ground and aquatint), Engraving, Lithography (plate and stone), and screenprint.

1981 – First independent printmaking at Gainsborough House Print Workshop in Suffolk. This workshop was set-up by old friends of mine (John and Madeline Addyman), and at the time I didn’t realise how rare these community resources are and just how privileged I was to be able to just walk in and use it whenever I wanted!

1990 – Travels across Africa kick-started my creativity. And on my return I worked on being able to get into Art College amoxicillin where I found myself gravitating back towards printmaking.

1997 – Set up Double Elephant Print Workshop with Simon Ripley. This gradually grew and developed in a very organic way and now there are more people involved with an impressively large program of activity – both in house and out in the communitywith a bank of portable presses.

2006 – Got selected for membership of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Then latter elected for the role of printmaking representative on the Selection/Election Committee.

2008 – Project managedthe relocation of the workshop to it’s current address at the Exeter Phoenix. Nearly forgot that I also needed to find a new studio space for myself as I wouldn’t be able to continue to have a studio above the old workshop.

Lynn Bailey

Through my artwork I look to say something about the environment - explore how we interact, use, abuse and collaborate with the natural world around us. This has taken me to increasingly focus on the small ubiquitous and often reviled weeds and bugs that form the foundation and engine-room of ecosystems. I use a wide range of printmaking techniques – both traditional and innovative, often creating complex one off prints. ****** Co-founder and director of Double Elephant Print Workshop since 1997. Originally trained in Conservation of Prints and Drawings 1980 -1982. Studied Fine art at University of Plymouth 1993 -1996.