The Irreplaceable

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The Irreplaceable flip book

This is a collection of small, precious artworks celebrating insects essential to the foundation of the ecosystem. These particular insects form part of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan’s list of priority species associated with hedgerows.

There are 22 new works – 9 of which are presented in Ash wood frames. I’m confident of being able to post the framed ones safely within the UK, and the unframed work can be posted anywhere.

To make this collection extra special precious, I used irreplaceable vintage handmade paper from Barchan Green. Handmade in 1980 for the Royal Watercolour Society this paper is like gold-dust. The hedgerow plants accompanying the drypoint insects are printed in tones of gold and silver to highlight preciousness. Using gold and silver ink is unusual for me, but it felt right this treasured paper and the importance of these insects needed to be honoured in a special way.

There is a little link below each picture in the flip book, if you click on that it should take you to the right listing in my Etsy shop – where you will see more detail.

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I hope you enjoy having a browse through these prints and finding out a little about these special species.