Talking about Videos and Online Learning

Ten years ago, I thought I’d have a go at making some videos. Turns out I was pretty rubbish at that and nothing happened after the first 5 random little clips on YouTube.

BUT – remember lock down in 2020? At Double Elephant Print Workshop, we decided that we could give some extra value to our membership online, with tips about printing from home and setting up a regular Zoom chat group. So, I thought I’d have another go at making videos. Turns out I really hate talking to camera, and some of my colleagues are better equipped to do this sort of thing. And after doing one test video, I decided I was better placed keeping to facilitating the Zoom “Printy Chat” started by my colleague Catherine Cartwright and forget about videos.

Lockdown vid

– If you choose to watch my first lock-down video you have permission to laugh at my awkwardness, though there are some useful tips in there for tinting your intaglio prints with watercolour……

Now a little more time has passed and Double Elephant has had a grant to get started with producing online learning through our new website. But still cringing from my efforts of “talking to camera” I declined putting myself forward to front any online courses at this stage. But I might not rule this out entirely!

As a result, I have had another couple of goes practicing with video while no one was looking. I happened to have a couple of short video clips I recorded silently in the workshop during lockdown and no one else had access. I didn’t do anything with it at the time, largely because I didn’t have any suitable editing software. Plus a general lack of confidence. Now time has passed and we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, I gathered up my nerves to have yet another go. I have been using Canva for a while to make posters and just realised that there is some video editing on the programme too. Fairly primitive and clunky to use (but I am using the free version of course!).


Youtube channelI took my two clips of inking up and printing my drypoint of a hedgehog and added some stills to illustrate what happened next. Then added a voiceover, title and end clip. And, you know what? I’m a little bit pleased with myself.

– This little video has now been added to my tiny Youtube channel…..





In addition to demonstrative videos, Double Elephant online courses will –

  • provide a step-by-step written description of the course, in stages for people to read as well as watch.
  • provide images in addition to the film to show the stages of different processes.
  • detail of suppliers.
  • further tips and suggestions, cleaning methods & options for people working at home rather than in a studio.

Take a look!