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Textile for 33,000 Miles by Helen Bamber

33,000 Miles artist Helen Bamber

I would like to give you a glimpse of the artwork that some of my colleagues are creating for the exhibition 33,000 Miles.

Helen Bamber textile for 33,000 Miles
Work in progress, detail

First a reminder – the exhibition is called 33,000 Miles because that is approximately how many miles of hedgerow there are in Devon! This is more than any other county and we have more ancient hedgerow than anywhere else too.

And 33,000 Miles is an art exhibition with workshops featuring 6 Devon based artists running from 15 – 30th October at RedEarth Galler, Bickliegh. See previous news for details of the other artists.

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Art Haven @ RedEarth

July 16th – July 30th

Thoroughly enjoyed Art Haven’s launch at RedEarth Gallery, (Bickleigh, Devon) on Friday.

This is a lovely and diverse group of artists that I was part of until I recently decided to put more of my energies towards activities at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Part of what’s special about Art Haven’s launch parties is the contribution of music from Art Haven’s sculptor and sound artist Dave Sawyers band Chill Acoustics.

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