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Sistema de Ensino Poliedro – Brazil Sistema de Ensino Poliedro

Sistema de Ensino Poliedro – Brazil

In March 2014 I got an unexpected email from Departamento de Licenciamento Sistema de Ensino Poliedro – Brazil. Eh? According to Google Translate that is – Department of Licensing System Poliedro Education Turns out this is a publisher for a network of 120 schools “committed to high-quality education” and apparently they wanted to publishing a […]

2010 Catch-up

2010 Catch-up

March 2010 moved my studio to a new location. This was the third move since relocating Double Elephant Print Workshop from the Old Bakery to the Exeter Phoenix. I had accumulated quite a lot of stuff in the 12 years that I had a studio above the old workshop and it had taken this long […]