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“Normal” erratic services will resumed as soon as possible.

Just goes to show how disruptive moving house is. It has been about a year since I last updated my website. All the usual excuses about not being able to keep on top of everything applies. But now I hope to get back on top of things here. Except – I have just spent most of today trying to log in. After much to and froing with the online host support, it looks like I’m in!!!

But I will have to come buy amoxicillin back to this later.

See you soon…

… A few months later and the website is still not quite right. But at least it is functioning. Sorting out they layout issues are still on my to do list. It bugs me that rather than having just the relevant info in the side bar for each gallery or page, you have a long list of stuff at the moment. Sorry, I’m not very techie, but will work on this…



Lynn Bailey

Through my artwork I look to say something about the environment - explore how we interact, use, abuse and collaborate with the natural world around us. This has taken me to increasingly focus on the small ubiquitous and often reviled weeds and bugs that form the foundation and engine-room of ecosystems. I use a wide range of printmaking techniques – both traditional and innovative, often creating complex one off prints. ****** Co-founder and director of Double Elephant Print Workshop since 1997. Originally trained in Conservation of Prints and Drawings 1980 -1982. Studied Fine art at University of Plymouth 1993 -1996.