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Newsletter #14 to #19

Since perparing to move house and actually moving house last year I have not been updating my website as much as I would have liked. BUT I have been sending out my occassional newsletter to keep people up todate with my projects and other activities. If you are not in receipt of my newsletter but would like to there is a signing up button to you left. Or click here

If you would like to see what you’ve missed :-

Newsletter #14 contains updates for Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, Spring Sale and Double Elephant news

Newsletter #15 contains updates for Studio xanax Relocation SALE, Town Mill at Lyme Regis, Featured Maker at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, New outlets and My workshops at Double Elephant.

Newsletter #16 contains updates for Art Week Exeter / Open Studios, The Observatory at University of Exeter, New Postcard, What’s next and New at Double Elephant

Newsletter #17 contains updates for Exeter Craft Festival 6-8 July, Magnificent Mires and Richly-Inky Summer Specials at Double Elephant

Newsletter #18 contains updates for Magnificent Mires, Collaborative editioning, Results of the Summer Specials at Double Elephant.

Newsletter #19 contains updates for Invite to Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, Updates and RAMM

Lynn Bailey

Through my artwork I look to say something about the environment - explore how we interact, use, abuse and collaborate with the natural world around us. This has taken me to increasingly focus on the small ubiquitous and often reviled weeds and bugs that form the foundation and engine-room of ecosystems. I use a wide range of printmaking techniques – both traditional and innovative, often creating complex one off prints. ****** Co-founder and director of Double Elephant Print Workshop since 1997. Originally trained in Conservation of Prints and Drawings 1980 -1982. Studied Fine art at University of Plymouth 1993 -1996.