Newsletter #23 to #39

The last few years have been difficult (or at least a bit different) for everyone.

I have found that I needed to focus a let of my energies on Double Elephant Print Workshop. And yet again, my own website got neglected. But now that my sister has helped me build a new on, I’m working hard on maintaining my blog post archive. This post is just to capture all of the newsletters that have faithfully going out and about. At the very least, it helps me to keep tabs on what on earth I’ve been up to over the past few years. And it turns out I have been achieving a bit more than I thought I had!.

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If you would like to see what you’ve missed between 2018-2023! :-

Newsletter #23 was mainly an Invite to Art Unequalled, a Catch-up with the Greater horseshoe Bats project and other news.

Newsletter #24 was an Invite to Bath Art Fair and Mentoring news.

Newsletter #25 was about piloting several new courses at Double Elephant

Newsletter #26 was an Invite to the Exeter Craft Festival and Devon Open Studios (2019)

Newsletter #27 was about  Devon Open Studios, Devon Guild Summer Show, RAMM Shop an Editioning Work

Newsletter #28 was mainly about being featured artist at No4 Bampton Arts

Newsletter #29 was an Invite to Bath Art Fair and about a New Double Elephant Gallery, and the RAMM Local Show

Newsletter #30 was an update re RAMM show, the start of my Print on Demand exploration and the launch of the Garden Fence as a new local “exhibition space”! This was subtilled “keeping positive” as we were all trying to get used to living with the pandemic…

Newsletter #31 was about Devon Open Studios and the launch of my Print on Demand range of products.

Then there was the Invite to Devon Open Studios 2020.

Newsletter #32 was the launch of a new body of work “The Irreplaceable”.


Newsletter #33 was about Devon Open Studios 2021 and the new Screenprint Studio at Double Elephant Print Workshop.

Newsletter #34 was mainly an invitation to Artisan Craft Fair, plus news about workshops in collaboration with Arts and Cultures (Exeter University).

Newsletter #35 was all about the Exeter Craft Festival 2022

Newsletter #36 was announcing a Studio SALE!!

Newsletter #37 gave insights about what I was preparing for the Exeter Craft Festival 2023

Newsletter #38 was an invitation to an exhibition at the South Gate Gallery, plus RAMM shop and Double Elephant news.

Newsletter #39 had news about exhibiting at Poltimore House, Park Life and Devon Open Studios 2023.