New Studio


I have been settling into my new studio space. The light is fantastic and I’m sure that as I get busier I won’t notice the ‘little old lady’ features quite so much. If this becomes a long term arrangement, then I will consider imposing my own tastes on the decor. But meanwhile, I am very grateful to be able to use such a splendid space just a short walkfrom my own home and an equally short walk to Double Elephant Print Workshop where the really messy stuff gets done.
(I have taken the precaution of turning the carpet over so that I can be messy here as well as warm.)

Just unpacked

It might not look like that much stuff now that it’s all been unpacked and put away – but it took two van loads to move and about two hours hard labour for me and my invaluable helpers.

THANK YOU to Ben, Helen, Greg, Lesley and Tom. I hope you are still enjoying your ‘doggy-bags of gratitude’.






As always – studio visits are by appointment. Contact for the address and make a date. (Locals in Exeter might be able to work out the location from the view out of the window, but please contact me first).

A room with a view

Not being used to having a view from a window I am finding that watching the world go by is a little bit too interesting!

To save myself from feeling like a goldfish in a bowl – I have now made some bunting to go across the window and give myself something to hide behind.


72 double sided mono-printed bits of fabric makes 20m of bunting!!

What it looks like from the outside

I hope to be able to arrange it down the garden path and onto the road side during Exeter Open Studios in November – to lure people in  😉