Mini-micro press

Mini home workshop

Anyone who has visited my studio will know that it is a very compact, little space. Not having the resources to have a home studio with all the printmaking equipment I might desire is a major reason why Double Elephant Print Workshop got started and continues to exist today. Set up in 1997 by Simon Ripley and myself, Double Elephant has morphed and changed over the years. But remains a community interest company with members who can have open access to space and equipment, has an outreach community team and puts on a comprehensive range of courses and projects. My role is Workshop manager, and a regular tutor. This work ebbs and flows and can have positive as well as negative effects on my ability to produce any artwork myself. I might not always have much time to access equipment, but without all of the wonderful facilities at my fingertips, I’m not sure if I would be able to produce quality prints at all.

But now for the first time. I actually do have a printing press in my own studio………..

3-D printed press   Mini prints

It’s one of those cute, itsy-bitsy, three-D printed etching presses made my The Open Press Project.

And yes, it really does work for a wide variety of printmaking processes. I have so far used it to print a whole edition of drypoint plates, a tiny mezzotint, a test collagraph and several mono prints.

Printing mini printTinting Marmalade Hoverfly

Being so very, very small, the press has been ideal to take to a community café that is within walking distance from home. I only need a couple of carrier bags of equipment to set up on an average size table.

I’ve also have fun printing some holly leave Christmas cards.

Home Studio  Xmas Holly

Though… of course, it can be quite a fiddle-faddle working at this size…….

…and yes, this is a little speeded up so that I don’t bore you!

Mini-press created by The Open Press Project.