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Sally Hebeler is a printmaker based in Somerset. She now exhibits and sells her limited edition prints throughout the UK. Her main media are drypoint, embossing relief and carborundum.

Double S Design This website would not have been possible without the help of Double S Design.
Jeremy Speck works mostly in relief ;his new limited edition prints are contemplative, abstract explorations of colour and shape. Taking his initial cue from abstract organic forms the prints start life as paper collages before being translated into relief prints.
Simon Ripley makes unique linocut relief monoprints on handmade Japanese papers using a large 1850’s Columbian relief press. The work has a distinctly marked surface quality. He aims to communicate through the use of colour. The shapes, marks and forms in the work are like signs which trigger memories or other connections.
Emma Molony began printmaking in 2002 while living in Venice. Fascinated by the numerous dark inky print studios in the city, she began by learning mezzotint, etching and woodcut at Stamperia Abrizzi and Stamperia del Tintoretto
The Devon Guild of Craftsmen is an acclaimed exhibition space for contemporary craft and design as well as a leading charity for craft education in the South West located in Bovey Tracey.
Double Elephant Print Workshop is an open-access community-based printmaking studio available to anyone, professional printmakers, artists and beginners alike. We encourage creativity and artistic development through a friendly and welcoming approach, whilst our resources, equipment and tuition reach the highest professional standards.
Naomi Hartis concerned with the natural environment, and more recently, human interaction with it. At its simplest, she loves paint, colour, and the play of light and shade.