First Month with Etsy

I’ve had my Etsy shop for one whole month now. It’s being a very enjoyable experience so far.

For the nerdy statistics fans out there, here are some facts and figures to give a picture of how it’s been for me.

It’s hard to say exactly how many people have visited my shop. It depends on who’s collecting the figures – but according to Google Analytics there’s been nearly 700 shop visits from people from 35 different countries. 91.5% are repeat visitors compared with just 8.5% new visitors, so I presume most of the traffic is Etsy shop holders looking at other Etsy shop holders. (How am I going to get more new people to find my shop???)

The people who are visiting my shop are being very nice to me. 31 people have listed my shop as one of their favourites. People have also marked various items in my shop as favourite items 64 times. A couple of items have been earmarked as favourite 6 or 7 times each. Only a few haven’t been anyone’s favourite at all. (Poor little things).

I currently have 34 items for sale in my shop and 10 of them have been selected for people’s treasuries (a kind of themed curated mini exhibition) one of them twice – which put me in 11 treasuries in all.  I have no idea what’s ‘average’, but all this ‘liking’ sounds quite good to me.

Sales – do I hear you ask??? Well – only 1 and that was someone who already knows me. But it’s early days yet.

At present, I’m mainly listing smallish, easy to post items. However….. if anyone spots an item in my galleries here that they would like to purchase and it’s not listed in the Etsy shop – it’s easy for me to list it there and mark it “Reserved for X” if you ask me to. That way a safe reliable payment can be made through PayPal even if you haven’t got a PayPal account. I can work out what the postage/shipping would be if you are not so local I can drop it round to you.

If you are ever passing through Etsy, do drop in and have a look around my shop. I hope you ‘like’ in all senses of the word! Do let me know…..

LynnBaileyPrintmaker on Etsy