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The Launch of A Silver Thread

On Friday it was the launch of the Devon Guild’s summer show celebrating 25 years of the guild being at the Riverside Mill in Bovey Tracey.

Part of the celebrations was to have the building swathed in bunting made by a wide range of community groups. See lead artist Bridget Arnold’s blog to find out more.

Launch night at the Devon Guild

It was interesting to see how the exhibition curators dealt with some difficult to present pieces and the whole show looks excellent and packed full of interest. Personally I find it all the more interesting where the exhibitors included a short statement about how they interpreted the theme. Tony Mann’s automata of silver smiths workshop is particularly inspired – and – you are encouraged to work it. Jenny Southam’s managed to give her sculptural  ceramics a delightful twist to be in keeping with the theme; by using a black slip and subtly coloured glazes the pieces suggested the light of a silvery moon. It’s also interesting seeing artists who are established in one craft form experimenting in another technique especially for the show.  For example, Janine Pertington’s paper cut-outs were simple and effective, yet still resonated with her more usual enamels. There were 54 different crafts people represented so I’m not going to go on about each of them – you will just have to go and have a look yourself.

a nice spot
click on image to see it all on the wall
a small part of the exhibition

The Exhibition is on at the Riverside Mill,Bovey Tracey, TQ13 9AF until the 4th of September. FREE. Open daily.

Paul Anderson, Roberta Ayles, Lynn Bailey, Beverly Beeland, Caroline Biggins, Anne Bruford, Matthew Burt, Sarah Cant, Merlyn Chesterman, Liz Clay, Trish Coady Clements, Phil de Burlet, Hugh Dunford-Wood, Helen Edwards, Felix Faulkner, Jude Freeman, Katie Gayle, Karina Gill, Caroline Hall, Hamelin & Wright, Terri Holman, Angela Holmes, Michael Honnor, Sarah Jarrett-Kerr, Laurel Keeley, Wai-Yuk Kennedy, Malcolm Law, Peet Leather, Mei Lim, Tony Mann, Debby Mason, Janine Partington, Sam Pickard, Veronica Polyblank, Elizabeth Rashley, Sue Robson, Pat Roseveare, Laurie Rudling, Jenny Sanders, Rosie Sanders, David Savage, Anne Selby, Caroline Sharp, Celia Smith, Ann Smyth, Yuli Somme, Jenny Southam, Harriet St Leger, Gillian Stein, Mary Summer, Taja , Mike Tingle, Jan Truman, Janet Wingate

I didn’t make it to the afternoon tea, but thoroughly enjoyed the launch PV in the evening. This was actually my first opportunity to see my own work UP on the wall – rather than just laid out on the table or floor. And I was very pleased with my position.

Lynn Bailey

Through my artwork I look to say something about the environment - explore how we interact, use, abuse and collaborate with the natural world around us. This has taken me to increasingly focus on the small ubiquitous and often reviled weeds and bugs that form the foundation and engine-room of ecosystems. I use a wide range of printmaking techniques – both traditional and innovative, often creating complex one off prints. ****** Co-founder and director of Double Elephant Print Workshop since 1997. Originally trained in Conservation of Prints and Drawings 1980 -1982. Studied Fine art at University of Plymouth 1993 -1996.