I have been a regular hiker on Dartmoor for many years and although I go there less often now, the feel of the wind, wet and texture of the place has an enduring impact on me. Wanting to capture the bounce of walking across the blanket bogs is one of the elements that prompted the use of ‘bouncy’, non-square printing plates. 

I was lucky to be one of a small group of people taken on a guided walk in a restricted zone on Dartmoor to get up close to the blanket bogs and have the ecology of the mires explained by a Dartmoor National Park Ranger and a bog expert from the Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT). The walk was organised by The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, who subsequently arranged a “Magnificent Mires/Beautiful Blanket Bogs” themed display at the Waterside Mill at Bovey Tracey.

Since then, I have made repeated revisits to the theme and explored ways of depicting the windswept, stunted trees of Dartmoor using drypoint with power-tools in a way that suggests traditional etching.

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