Collaborative editioning


Every now and then at Double Elephant, I have an opportunity to work with other artists. Usually it’s a straightforward request to edition some artwork that they have already created. But sometimes there can be a more collaborative element. On this occasion I was approached by the Thelma Hulbert Gallery to work with Frances Hatch – winner of the THG OPEN 2016. The plan was to work with Frances to create a new artwork relating to her exhibition starting in September which we would edition. The new print was then published during the exhibition.

Frances Hatch           Frances Hatch

A preliminary meeting with Frances stirred up some possible ideas to make the most of the materials and mark-making that comes natural to Frances. The soils she uses in her drawings and paintings clearly had potential to be used in the subsequent printmaking. My task was to make suggestions for processes and be the one to overcome any technical challenges that arise. I must be a printmaking nerd because this is the sort of challenge I like.

Frances Hatch          Frances Hatch

Over the next few sessions we worked together to create some test plates and explore the direction Frances would like to develop the images.

Gradually we settled on the image to be editioned. It was then quite an exacting job to the photo etching plate just right. But after some days wrestling with it, I was able to get stuck with editioning the photo etching in “Gull grey” and black over Frances’ hand painted gestures on Arches paper. Once the etching was dry I then over printed with a soil mix from Frances’ texture plate. After the editioning work Frances added a perfect drip or orange on each print.

Frances Hatch          Frances Hatch

This was a very satisfying project for me and the hope is that Frances will be joining Double Elephant Print Workshop and I will be able to enable her to continue with her explorations into print.