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Product mockups for Print-on-Demand

NEW Print-on-demand range.

At the start of the Covid-19 emergency I wasn’t able to get into Double Elephant Print Workshop to do any printmaking. Then gradually I was able to get in now and then for short bursts of printmaking activity if I had another legitimate reason to be there (all to do with the workshop being positioned in a public building). Now we are increasingly able to be open for printmaking and I can book time in the workshop the same as all our Full Members. But teaching is unfortunately going to be restricted for some time. However, I plan to be able to deliver courses to small groups quite soon, but in the light of the probability that teaching might not be a reliable income for quite a while, I have been focusing on what might be other potential income streams.

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Bath Art Fair

Bath Art Fair – Report

I set off for the Bath Art Fair with very low expectations.

I knew that it would be a well run event in a good location, but in today’s political and economic uncertainties I have noticed people being cautious about how they spend any spare cash on things that could be considered a luxury.


Bath planning

I planned as well as I could to put on a good show, but decided I would focus my efforts on the marketing side of things. Read More

Mentoring – and what happened next!

I’ve had the privilege of helping quite a few people in need of mentoring. I very rarely advertise that I’m available for this kind of service. It’s usually has come about through people meeting me through Double Elephant or other activities I’m involved in, and there being a realisation that some one-to-one time exploring specific areas of interest is what is needed to kick start the next stage in their personal development.

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Newsletter #14 to #19

Since perparing to move house and actually moving house last year I have not been updating my website as much as I would have liked. BUT I have been sending out my occassional newsletter to keep people up todate with my projects and other activities. If you are not in receipt of my newsletter but would like to there is a signing up button to you left. Or click here

If you would like to see what you’ve missed :-

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“Normal” erratic services will resumed as soon as possible.

Just goes to show how disruptive moving house is. It has been about a year since I last updated my website. All the usual excuses about not being able to keep on top of everything applies. But now I hope to get back on top of things here. Except – I have just spent most of today trying to log in. After much to and froing with the online host support, it looks like I’m in!!!

But I will have to come buy amoxicillin back to this later.

See you soon…

… A few months later and the website is still not quite right. But at least it is functioning. Sorting out they layout issues are still on my to do list. It bugs me that rather than having just the relevant info in the side bar for each gallery or page, you have a long list of stuff at the moment. Sorry, I’m not very techie, but will work on this…