Botanical Discoveries at the Devon Guild Shop

Nettles for Red Admiral Photo etching monoprint Lynn BaileyWhen the staff at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen’s shop at Bovey Tracey asked if I could contribute some work to a themed display
they are calling Botanical Discoveries, I decided to discover the importance of Nettles. We all love butterflies but most of us hate caterpillars and we’re not exactly fond of nettles. And if we don’t allow space for the nettles, there will be no caterpillars to transform into some of our most loved butterflies.

For this set of work I settled down to some rather intensive drawing. Oh boy… those caterpillars and butterflies are complicated. I managed complete drawings of Red Admiral, Peacock and Comma butterflies. These drawings I turned into photo etching and photo screen and printed them with pressed and dried Nettles. One of the photo etching plates has at least 45 butterflies (each individually coloured) – which I printed with large nettle-shaped absences. You don’t see many butterflies if your nettles are absent you see….

This theme will be in the Devon Guild of Craftsmen’s shop until September.

You can get small glimpses of work in progress on my FaceBook page here, but if you get to Bovey Tracey you can see the completed works.

Butterflies and Nettles at Bovey Tracey