Art Haven @ RedEarth

July 16th – July 30th

Thoroughly enjoyed Art Haven’s launch at RedEarth Gallery, (Bickleigh, Devon) on Friday.

This is a lovely and diverse group of artists that I was part of until I recently decided to put more of my energies towards activities at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Part of what’s special about Art Haven’s launch parties is the contribution of music from Art Haven’s sculptor and sound artist Dave Sawyers band Chill Acoustics.

The gallery lends itself to mixed shows very well. Having different sections and a cleaver use of partitions, potential clashes of styles can be avoided and the group’s show really did hang together well. Currently there are eleven artists showing as part of Art Haven: Anne Jackson – textiles; Christine Sawyer – textiles; Daphne Cartwright – painting; David Sawyer – sculture; Gabi Krukenberg-Tayler – photography; Kit Surrey – graphite; Liese Webley – mixed media; Meg Surrey – painting; Paul Cartwright – photography; Robert Joyce – mixed media & multimedia; and Stella Tripp – painting and ceramics.

I’m not going to attempt to write about all of the artists on show at the RedEarth Gallery – but I would like to share with you a few that stood out as highlights for me.

Christine Sawyers tapestries are always of great interest and this recent work is simple stunning. From the distance the monochrome pieces actually look like graphite. How is it possible to achieve that degree of subtle shading and fluidity of line in a tapestry??? If my ‘loved-one’ could have afforded £6000 “Yesterday’s Must Have’s….” would have walked off the wall. The full colour sections sing out like jewels.

The subject matter of Anne Jackson’s “Witchcraft Series” work is as powerful as her technique of knotted tapestry. Liese Webley’s mixed media pieces have a lightness of touch combined with a joyful colourfulness. Stella Tripp’s ceramic pieces are developing a quirky direction of her own and I find Paul Cartwright’s 2Tesce Site Series” intriguing. But one that really rocks my boat is Meg Surry’s paintings.

Meg’s Tibet inspired paintings are gorgeous, subtle, with an understated power of their own. An extra dimension is added when you know that the pigments used are actually hand-ground earths collected by Kit Surrey on his travels in Tibet. I hope that he gets to go out there again soon so that Meg can keep on painting.

A constantly evolving and creative group – maybe I’ll rejoin them one day………………….