Animals in nature

In this gallery I have brought together the various animals that have featured in projects centred on the ecology of Devon Hedgerows and fields. I’ve felt a little transgressive introducing a Red Squirrel to the collection because they are not to be found in the wild in Devon – but, there is a breading centre nearby so that allowed me to engage in its particular cuteness. And now, having spotted a newt in the garden for the first time, that too could very well get featured in garden studies.

The processes I use most for my animals are drypoint and/or etching. The Greater Horseshoe Bats however, are silk aquatint. During lockdown I started to add watercolour to my animals because I couldn’t get into the workshop. That is now a regular feature of my work. 

If you would like to purchase any artwork or if you have any questions please email me. A studio visit can be arranged (Contact me)