A surprise from Australia


I’ve had a nice message from someone called Katie Sharples in Perth, Australia. She recently ran some workshops with young school children using my work for inspiration and has kindly shared their resulting prints.

There is something rather nice about having my artwork used to inspire school children on the other side of the planet. And it is particularly nice to be told when this sort of thing happens. Katie says that “The pastel print is Pre Primary and the other ones are year 1 and 2” and that “they really enjoyed the project.”

Here’s the examples of the children’s work that was sent to me. I trust you agree that the results are great! As Dorinda Mc Cormack said on my facebook page “We can underestimate what children can do when given the right guidance and example.”

Perth-students-0 Perth-students-1 Perth-students-2 Perth-students-3-001

You can see that the little animals are drawn on tissue paper and are added during the printing process because the ink goes over the tissue paper.

The school is the Methodist Ladies College in Perth.

Devon Ecologies I

I believe that inspiration was taken from seeing some of my most recent artwork posted on my Facebook page. or Instagram. These feature small hedgerow animals as drypoint printed onto tissue paper and hand coloured, then used as chine collè with mono print hedgerow plants.




Devon Excologies II

In light of new research that suggests that pesticides (especially neonicotinoids) are contaminating hedgerows, I think I shall be continuing to focus my creative output on studying hedgerows for some time. Their value still needs to be recognised & properly cherished. If I can inspire school children anywhere in the world to delight in noticing the “bugs” and “weeds” in their own back yards all the better.



Devon Ecologies III