2010 Catch-up

March 2010 moved my studio to a new location. This was the third move since relocating Double Elephant Print Workshop from the Old Bakery to the Exeter Phoenix. I had accumulated quite a lot of stuff in the 12 years that I had a studio above the old workshop and it had taken this long to bite the bullet and let my old degree show work go (the metre square boards are being recycled by a painter) – not easy for a natural hoarder, but I do feel lighter for having let go of some of the past.

My nice new workspace is to be found in the basement of the Paragon Gallery which is only 4 door down Gandy Street from the Double Elephant at the Phoenix – pretty handy for dashing to-and-throw with printing plates. Visitors are welcome, but do make an appointment first!

The Big Surprise commission for 2010 was getting a phone call from ZestArts letting me know that Derriford Hospital in Plymouth wanted a whole corridor worth of artwork from me! In all 18 framed pieces were chosen, half of which are now gracing the staff cafè and the other half will be sited when they have worked out where they want to put everything.

October 2010 started the Lynn Bailey – Printmaker page on Facebook. Very grateful to friends who have now become ‘fans’, delighted to have ‘fans’ I’ve never met, and chuffed to bits to get interest from Australia and America!

Exeter Open Studios in November was the best yet for me. I was a little worried at first that despite the excellent number of visitors I would have difficulty earning enough to reimburse myself for loitering around for 3 days let alone pay a year’s studio rent. But on the Sunday it seemed that the serious buyers came out of the woodwork and sales exceeded my expectations.

Thank you to ALL who visited during Exeter Open Studios (and those who arranged studio visits after the event) – whether you made a purchase or not. I thrive on your encouragement and appreciative comments! In these financially difficult times I’m very glad that I had plenty of small units and affordable items as well as the ‘big-jobs’.

Don’t forget – you don’t have to wait until the next Open Studios event to arrange a studio visit……

Exeter Open Studios