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Unusual courses

New and unusual courses – # – Alternatives to Etching

Third of the series of news postings about new courses at Double Elephant Print Workshop is what I’m calling “Alternatives to Etching”. Not to be confused with Acrylic Resist Etching – which is an alternative to traditional etching, what I’m meaning here are quicker, easier ways of achieving the feel of an etching using materials that would appeal to the more frugal printmaker who is also far from as time rich as you need to really learn etching.

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Unusual courses

New and unusual courses – # 1, Chine collé

We are piloting several new courses at Double Elephant Print Workshop over the next couple of months. Some of these are not your usual printmaking course and I will probably need the help from as many people as possible to help get the word out there so that they can get seen by people potentially interested in taking part.

These might be one off opportunities – or might get repeated if there is sufficient interest. With that in mind, if you spot something you would have been interested in, but they timing is not right for you – do let me know.

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Mentoring – and what happened next!

I’ve had the privilege of helping quite a few people in need of mentoring. I very rarely advertise that I’m available for this kind of service. It’s usually has come about through people meeting me through Double Elephant or other activities I’m involved in, and there being a realisation that some one-to-one time exploring specific areas of interest is what is needed to kick start the next stage in their personal development.

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IMPACT 10 (Santander)

In September, I was very lucky to be able to represent Double Elephant at IMPACT 10. IMPACT is the international printmaking conference that takes place every two years. When Double Elephant was a mere fledgling, both Simon Ripley and myself (founder members) were at the inaugural IMPACT conference in Bristol, in 1999 and then again at IMPACT 8 in Dundee with Joshua Gaunt of Workshops n’ Docs fame.

This year IMAPECT 10 took place in Santander, Spain.

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Greater Horseshoe Bat Project

Back in May I had the privilege of taking part in another of the guided walk organised by the Devon Guild of Craftsmen with the Devon Wildlife Trust. Last year this sparked off my Magnificent Mires work. This year the focus is on the Greater Horseshoe Bat Project.

Greater horseshoe are the UK’s biggest bat with a wingspan of almost 40cm. They were once common across southern England but changes in land-use such as urban development  and a move away from cattle grazed pastures and hay meadows has led to their disappearance from much of the countryside.

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Newsletter #20 to #22


Since my website went all wonky last year I got out of the habit of updating regularly. Yet again I’m promising to try harder…

I always have plenty of stuff going on and keep things ticking over nicely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also send out the occasional newsletter to keep people up to date with my projects and other activities. If you are not in receipt of my newsletter but would like to there is a signing up button to you left. Or click here

If you would like to see what you’ve missed :-

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Lynn Bailey

Newsletter # 13

Newsletter 13 is out and about – possibly lurking in an in box near you.

The main focus for this newsletter is info about this weekend’s art fair in the Arnolfini. I am one of 80 artists taking part in The other Art Fair – Bristol. I shall share some photos of my stand on FaceBook when it is all up and running. Plus there are additional notes of a few other activities I’m involved in – plus more links than you can shake a stick at.


IF the Newsletter is not in your in box and you would like the next one to be, there’s a signing up box just to your left. I only do a few newsletters a year……



Some Q&A for a Secondary School student in Barbados

Every now and then people from various parts of the world get in touch to ask q few questions about my artwork or with technical questions. I do my best to answer – even though writing really isn’t my thing. Oddly – this month has been little crazy with questions every couple of days. So when a student from Barbados asked me nicely is I could answer some questions for a school based assignment. I said that seeing as she asked so nicely, I would. I was a little taken aback to get 14 quite chalenging questions – but in answering them the exercise was helpful in making me think.

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