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Newsletter #23 & #24

I usually have plenty of stuff going on although, my production of artwork can be rather in fits and starts due to having fit in around commitments with Double Elephant Print Workshop.  I think I manage to keep things ticking over nicely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I also send out the occasional newsletter to keep people up to date with my projects and other activities. If you are not in receipt of my newsletter but would like to there is a signing up button to you left. Or click here

If you would like to see what you’ve missed :-

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Bath Art Fair

Bath Art Fair – Report

I set off for the Bath Art Fair with very low expectations.

I knew that it would be a well run event in a good location, but in today’s political and economic uncertainties I have noticed people being cautious about how they spend any spare cash on things that could be considered a luxury.


Bath planning

I planned as well as I could to put on a good show, but decided I would focus my efforts on the marketing side of things. Read More