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“Normal” erratic services will resumed as soon as possible.

Just goes to show how disruptive moving house is. It has been about a year since I last updated my website. All the usual excuses about not being able to keep on top of everything applies. But now I hope to get back on top of things here. Except – I have just spent most of today trying to log in. After much to and froing with the online host support, it looks like I’m in!!!

But I will have to come back to this later.

See you soon…


I’ve been Blogged!

This is a novelty for me!

Never been blogged about before. It’s very interesting to read how someone you’ve never met interprets your work. Ian Knight has done a good job understanding what I’ve been trying to do all these years and I’ve had no quibbles with what he’s had to say. The Technical aspects are correct too!

Check out his Blog.

Botanical Discoveries at the Devon Guild Shop

Nettles for Red AdmiralWhen the staff at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen’s shop at Bovey Tracey asked if I could contribute some work to a themed display
they are calling Botanical Discoveries, I decided to discover the importance of Nettles. We all love butterflies but most of us hate caterpillars and we’re not exactly fond of nettles. And if we don’t allow space for the nettles, there will be no caterpillars to transform into some of our most loved butterflies.

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