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Unusual courses

New and unusual courses – # – Alternatives to Etching

Third of the series of news postings about new courses at Double Elephant Print Workshop is what I’m calling “Alternatives to Etching”. Not to be confused with Acrylic Resist Etching – which is an alternative to traditional etching, what I’m meaning here are quicker, easier ways of achieving the feel of an etching using materials that would appeal to the more frugal printmaker who is also far from as time rich as you need to really learn etching.

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Unusual courses

New and unusual courses – # 1, Chine collé

We are piloting several new courses at Double Elephant Print Workshop over the next couple of months. Some of these are not your usual printmaking course and I will probably need the help from as many people as possible to help get the word out there so that they can get seen by people potentially interested in taking part.

These might be one off opportunities – or might get repeated if there is sufficient interest. With that in mind, if you spot something you would have been interested in, but they timing is not right for you – do let me know.

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Frances Hatch Gull

Collaborative editioning

Every now and then at Double Elephant, I have an opportunity to work with other artists. Usually it’s a straightforward request to edition some artwork that they have already created. But sometimes there can be a more collaborative element. On this occasion I was approached by the Thelma Hulbert Gallery to work with Frances Hatch – winner of the THG OPEN 2016. The plan was to work with Frances to create a new artwork relating to her exhibition starting in September which we would edition. The new print was then published during the exhibition.
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Demonstration Videos with Double Elephant

A major event in 2012 was the creation of some demonstration videos with Double Elephant Print Workshop.

You can see them all HERE!

I did the demonstration for the Collagraph video. It took a WHOLE DAY! In true Blue Peter style I had prepared my project at various stages in its development so that I didn’t have to waste time waiting for paint to dry.

Take a LOOK

You can see a proof being pulled valium from the finished plate in the video. And here is one of the finished prints I made shortly after – when I had time to fuss about colours and add mono print plant material too.

Spring Hedgerow III

To go with the Collagraph video is another short one of “Top Tops”.

Do take time to look at my colleagues videos for drypoint, mono print and relief print too.